Steltix Transparent Logon & dropZone Demo

Johan Teekens and Sonja Roettcher will show you how you can save time and simplify your business processes using our JD Edwards EnterpriseOne products.

Transparent Logon

Single Sign-on has never been easier

A single set of credentials gives your employees access to all JD Edwards modules – via desktops, smartphones and tablets. Steltix Transparent Logon uses a cross-reference database that correlates Active Directory users with one or more JD Edwards EnterpriseOne users.

Big Launch of the November 2020 release of Transparent Logon X10 with “Two factor authentication” on JD Edwards.

Get Single Sign on going on JD Edwards in minutes today.

Increase security and satisfy your IT auditors.

Increase productivity for your JD Edwards users.


Simplify the way you upload data into JD Edwards

With dropZone you can easily maintain your data in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Drag and drop your Excel sheet into your web browser. And this without having to install any software. It just takes seconds.

Easy download and edit existing data.

Quickly add new data records.

Use our standard templates or create your own by using Orchestrations.

No installation required

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